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Got yourself a brand new Android Powered smartphone? I have been using an android phone for a while now and now i know which applications are the most wanted for an android phone.And here i am listing the most wanted/best android applications that you should download straight away from net.All these listed applications were very useful for me and hence i thought of sharing these applications with you.

1.Google Goggles

Search the real world by taking a picture.
Search by taking a picture.Google Goggles uses images recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. Identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Goggles can translate words in English, French, Italian, German, & Spanish.Goggles can extract contact information from business cards.
2. Lookout
Protect your phone with award-winning security & antivirus from Lookout. Lookout is lightweight, free antivirus for Android. 
It also has other features like finding lost mobile using GPS, Backup etc.

Connect through SSH to your device! SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell") or edit files (through SFTP, WinSCP. Cyberduck. etc....) Root is optional but not required to run this application.

4. Advanced Task Killer
Just because Android apps have no "close" button doesn't mean they shutdown where you return to the homepage or move to another app. Your calender, notepad, and other programs in which you turn on event notifications might periodically run in background, depleting your battery. Download and run Advanced Task Killer Free. You'll be amazed at the apps that you run on start-up without your knowledge. While you can kill the task killer along with other apps, we recommend letting it run so you can easily use it a couple times throughout the day. 
Being able to set conditions for killing running apps would be an interesting future touch.

5. Orbot

Enhance your privacy, break through firewalls and communicate more safely. Orbot is the official of tor to Android. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.

When you lose your phone while the ringer is turned off it can be impossible to find it. Where's my Droid fixes that problem, After texting your phone a custom attention word the app turns the ringer volume up and makes your phone ring.

 It's also possible to get the GPS location of your phone in latitude and longitude and a link to Google maps.

You'll can get the above applications and other apps here : Android Apps

Hope the above info helped you. If you like the above applications please let me know then via your comments.


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