Chaos Faction 2

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On Campaign mode, you'll have to face some enemies on a certain battlefield with special weapons and with or without back up. They divide into three zones :

ZONE 1: This is the easiest zone, some battlefields have almost no hazards and you'll have backup on the two first ones.

ZONE 2: Things get hard here. The battlefields have hazards and the enemies are smart.

ZONE 3: The hardest one the zones, all of them requires you to beat them in a certain time or survive and they are full of hazards. The last one is extra difficult.

Death match Mode: One may set up a battle with as many people as you want, in the battlefield you want, and with the settings you. It is extremely useful for getting most of the medals.

Survival Mode: Defeat as many enemies as possible and stay alive as long as possible. All of the enemies are smart, so wait for an opening.

Tips :

*Always use explosives at a safe distance, or you'll get killed in the blast.

*The weapons you get will disappear based on how much they're used, rather than time.
Kicks are very slow, so don't use them as often as punches.    

*Rage moves are an instant KO to anyone that gets hit by it, so use it wisely.

*When you're outnumbered, concentrate on only one foe at a time.

*Almost every battleground has one hazard, such as holes, or things that push you around or hurt you or even stun you.

You can also play the Game online : 
You can also download this game and enjoy it on your pc =D :


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